Building Inspection Department

“Providing services that protect the people who live, work and visit the City of Troy”


City of Troy

Building Inspection

500 W. Big Beaver Road

Troy, MI 48048

Ph: 248.524.3344

Inspection Line: 248.689.5744

Fax: 248.689.3120



8 am - 4:30 pm

Monday – Friday

Codes Currently in Effect

  • 2015 Michigan Residential Code
  • 2015 Pool & Spa Code
  • 2015 Michigan Building Code
  • 2015 Michigan Plumbing Code
  • 2015 Michigan Mechanical Code
  • 2014 National Electrical Code
  • P.A.1 of 1966 as amended, Chapter 11 of the Michigan Building Code, ICC/ANSI A117.1 – 2015 Standard as referenced from Chapter 11.
State Energy Code
  • ASHRAE 90.1 2007 Part10A Michigan Uniform Energy (Accept Comcheck or ASHRAE compliance sheets)
Fire Code
  • 2012 International Fire Code (Adopted by City)

Note: The Michigan Codes are the international codes with the state amendments. All Submittals should be signed and sealed by an architect and no larger than 24 x 36 unless otherwise approved by the Building Inspection Department.

Dedicated to Serve & Protect the Community

Integrity, improvement, service, teamwork and respect define the City of Troy Building Inspection Department. We are dedicated to promoting and preserving the safety of our citizens here in Troy.

Builders, homeowners and contractors deserve a professional experience from every member of our staff. We pride ourselves on educating all customers we come in contact with. Currently, we enforce the Michigan Codes.

The Building Division is responsible for ensuring the life safety of all persons in the City of Troy relating to the construction of all commercial and residential structures, through enforcing compliance of the current codes.

This is achieved by completing plans examination of submitted plans and conducting necessary inspections to assure compliance with all City of Troy building codes and ordinances.

Inspection Call-in Numbers

Building Department 24-Hour Inspection Hotline: 248.689.5744

Inspections have to be called in by 4:30 pm the day before the requested inspection date.

A 2-hour inspection window can be given on the day of the inspection.

To schedule a time to meet the inspector, call the inspector between 8:15 and 8:45am the day of the inspection. Note: You still have to call the inspection line to request the inspection as outlined above. See contact list for name and phone number for the inspector(s).

Sidewalk and Approach Inspections: Janice – 248.524.3392

Inspections need to be called in by 4:15pm the day before the requested inspection date.

Appointments are made from 9am until 3pm

QUESTIONS: Kurt Bovensiep – 248.524.3392

Note: Sidewalk and Approach Permits for work in the right-of-way (ROW) are processed through the Building Department.

Final Grade Inspections: 248.524.3383

QUESTIONS: George Ballard, Land Surveyor w/Engineering Dept. 248.524.3594

Final Site Compliance Inspection (Commercial Projects): Fill out application online, print and fax to 248.524.3382. Application for inspection available on the Planning Department webpage.

Inspection conducted by the Planning Department Staff

QUESTIONS: Planning Department - 248.524.3364

Fire Department Inspections/ Fire Prevention Division: 248.524.3419

48-hour notice required for all inspections (Hydrostatic Test, Fire Alarm, Underground Flush, Hydrant Flow Test

Office Hours for the Inspectors: Inspectors are available (in the office) between 8 to 9 am in the morning. Feel free to call them on their cell phones when needed. See contact list for inspector names and phone numbers.

Paul Featherston, SAFEbuilt Bldg. Official
Direct: 248.524.3348

Cell: 248.798.9186

Randy McClure, Plans Examiner

Direct: 248.524.3367

Cell: 248.687.6682

John Girard, Building Inspector
Direct: 248.524.3533

Cell: 248.687.6539

Bill Hyder, Electrical Inspector

Direct: 248.524.3358

Cell: 248.918.1963

Mark Booth, Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector

Direct: 248.524.3356

Cell: 248.918.7551

Mike Giordano, Mechanical Inspector

Direct: 248.524.3353

Cell: 248.918.7553

Becky Holt, Permit Technician

Direct: 248.524.3350

Cell: 248.925.9067

Gerald Rice, Permit Technician

Direct: 248.524.3344

Cell: 248.918.7552

Merissa Boschman, Permit Technician

Direct: 248.524.3344