City Assessor's Office

Leger A. (Nino) Licari

City Assessor



The mission of the City Assessor's Office is to accurately inventory and appraise every parcel of property in the City of Troy in order to fairly distribute the tax burden, which supports the cost of government.

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2017 Assessments - Important Information from the City Assessor

2017 - 24 Month Condominium Sales Study for 2014 - 2016

2017 - 24 Month Residential Sales Study for 2014 - 2016

2017 Commercial and Industrial Sales - 2014 - 2016

The Michigan Constitution mandates that all property must be assessed at 50% of its Market Value. The first function of this process involves an accurate inventory of all property. This demands that the City Assessor's Office must be able to legally describe all real property, whether it be a "metes and bounds" (engineered survey) or a platted lot (subdivision) description.

Accordingly, the City Assessor's Office is responsible for all combinations, splits, corrections and any other description changes that may be requested by an owner of a property. The City Assessor's Office also must ensure that any description changes meet local ordinances, and conform to the Land Division Act (1996 - Formerly the Subdivision Control Act).

The appraisal of property by the City Assessor's Office, at its most basic, covers three types of property: vacant land, improved land, and personal property. Personal property is all (but not limited to) furniture, fixtures, machinery, signs, equipment, computers, tools, dies, jigs, leased equipment, and leasehold improvements.

The City Assessor's Office is also responsible for the Special Assessment Rolls. This function ensures the equitable disbursement of the cost of infrastructure improvements to all benefited parties.

The Principal Residence Exemption, and the Property Transfer Affidavit Programs mandated by the changes brought about by Proposal "A" in 1994 are administered by the City Assessor's Office.

All of these functions, plus many more not listed, combine to make the City Assessor's Office responsible for a combined total City of Troy 2016 State Equalized Value that will top $5.30 billion.

Did You Know?

  • Of all the counties in the state, Troy's state equalized value would rank 17th if it were a county by itself.
  • Troy's tax base consists of 64.26% residential, 35.74% commercial and industrial.