Public Works

Kurt Bovensiep

Public Works Director



Troy Department of Public Works 

Creating a Clean and Healthy Environment for everyone.

4693 Rochester Road

Troy, MI 48085

Public Works: 248.524.3392

Water Division/Billing: 248.524.3370

Refuse & Recycling: 248.524.3399

The mission of the Public Works Department is to continuously provide excellent services using the most up-to-date equipment, and to protect the safe, clean, and healthy environment that the taxpayers of the City of Troy have come to enjoy.

The Department of Public Works provides services that guarantee the continued safe, clean and healthy environment that is a way of life for Troy residents. The service areas which address this responsibility are Parks,Streets and Drains; Fleet Maintenance; Refuse and Recycling; Sewage Collection and Water Distribution.

Snow Alert:

What does it mean when the City of Troy declares a “Snow Alert”? A snow alert declaration is a notification to the community that the City will be plowing all local roads and strongly encouraging everyone to remove all vehicles off the street from the time the snow stops until the street has been plowed. This provides to all residents a faster, cleaner and safer road clearing operation.

Residential Snow Plowing Status Here